We are a friendly scale model club that welcomes model makers of any age or experience to come and join us

Club membership, £5 annual fee for Pavillion membership (with drinks concession) & £1 per month Model club subscription.

Club night fly on the wall ...

May 30th, 15 of us turned out for the club night, our new hosts at the Lucan Pavillion, informed us that a new optional membership scheme was to be implemented with bar concessions in an annual £5 fee. It was unaminously voted in to be a compulsory requirement for West Middlesex club members to be a pavillion member in support of our kind hosts.

Our ex-webmaster Graham James was surprised by the presentation of a Wingnuts Sopwith Camel kit as a thank you for his years of running the web page for us (see photos below).

Telford was in the chairmans talk, all models for this prestigous show must be ready by the October Club night, including shipping boxes.

Turning our thoughts to Christmas (Bah Humbug) it was decided that the December meet would be a Xmas party and quiz with members guests welcome to partake of food and drink and a selection of 1/1 scale cakes on December 12th."

Coming Up ...

Salisbury model show on the 3rd June and Club Night on the 27th.

Meetings & Events Schedule

Our club meeting schedule and show calendar is shown below. Meetings start around 7.45PM:

Month Club Night Club Night Special Activity Shows & Events in the month
June 2017 27th IPMS Salisbury Show (3rd)
July 2017 25th Hamex - smallspace (16th)
August 2017 22nd IPMS Avon Model Show (13th)
September 2017 19th IPMS Farnborough Modelfest (16th) and IPMS Abingdon (30th)
October 2017 17th Tank Museum Model Expo (7th)
November 2017 14th Scale Model World (11th-12th) and Museum of Army Flying Model Show (19th)
December 2017 12th Christmas Party & Quiz
January 2018 30th Model Engineering Exhibition - London (TBC)
February 2018 27th Tank Museum Model Expo (TBC)
March 2018 27th
April 2017 24th AGM Poole Vikings Model Show (TBC) and ModelKraft (TBC)
May 2017 29th
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A surprised Graham
A big thank you for all the work youve done in the past as the club's webmaster, three cheers for Graham.
A surprised Graham
Graham Its a Camel
A wingnuts Camel in appreciation from the club, (Will it be ready for Telford?, watch this space LOL)
Graham Its a Camel